Limited Only By Your Imagination

Even though our standard products fill most graphic needs, there are times when you need a treatment that is more unique and customized for your space.  Perhaps your space has an unusual shape or your product or service just doesn't fit the standard.  With our years of experience, we begin by analyzing your needs and then creating a solution that will meet your communication and branding objectives.  The examples below illustrate a few of the ways we have been able to help clients accomplish their objectives.  We welcome the opportunity to help you, too.


metal prints



Metal Prints


This client wanted a clean, contemporary look for their office.  We took the concept of the Offset Grid and instead of printing on canvas, we printed direct to aluminum.  Given the choice of brushed aluminum or aluminum with a white coating, we agreed upon white aluminum because it made the image much stronger.  The aluminum was mounted onto 1/2" black Sintra and then attached to the wall to give a floating appearance.  The image is in five pieces and covers an area of 25 square feet.  Makes a great focal point for the space.






  trash can



Custom Designed Trash Container Wrap


The client wanted to brand and decorate their trash containers in a sports venue. The design allows the client to make their containers become a part of the atmosphere and the copy supports the excited crowd experience.  The wrap is a digital print fully protected with HardGuard thermal laminate for long life and easy maintenance and is wrapped totally around the container.





timelineCompany Timeline

Our client wanted an eye-catching and creative way of presenting a timeline of their company.  Their business is ceiling fans and they chose "fan blades" as markers on the timeline.  The "fan blades" are actually digital prints mounted to Sintra cut in the shape of fan blades.  The timeline is made of wood with plaques applied. We produced a customized vinyl wall covering for the background with their logo included, which furthers their brand identity.



window graphicsTranslucent Window Graphics

This client was faced with creating a showroom in a space with windows that did not have the most attractive view.  They designed and we produced beautiful outdoor scenes that give viewers the illusion of a perfect and restful view.  The images contained a balcony rail, which added to the dimension and realism. The project was printed on special translucent self-adhesive material that was applied directly to the glass in the windows and doors.




CeilingLight1Duratrans® Backlit Insert in Ceiling Light Panel

This particular client is in the health care profession and wanted calming and peaceful images rather than fluorescent tubes to be the first thing patients saw in the recovery room.  They also wanted the effect above treatment areas where patients lie for an extended time.  We produced Duratrans®, a full-color photographic product designed to be backlit.  The built-in diffuser in Duratrans® makes the distinctive shape of fluorescent tubes disappear.




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Duratrans is a registered trademark of the Kodak Company.